We offer natural gas and natural gas liquids transportation services. Regarding the firm natural gas transport service, the contracting is carried out through a Public Offering process.

The Public Offering is a regulated procedure that is done considering a Bidding Document that is approved by OSINERGMIN. This process is understood in:

1. Publication of the Public Offering in the Official Journal El Peruano, and another medium with national scope.
2. Submission of applications by participants wishing to contract the service, in a public event.
3. Observation of the request and / or supporting documentation submitted by the participants
4. Collecting observations by participants.
5. Evaluation of validly accepted applications
6. Adjudication of the capacities for the corresponding period and beginning of the negotiation process of contracts, in a public act.
7. End of the contract negotiation period and termination of the Public Offering Process.

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