We transport natural gas and natural gas liquids from Camisea.

Services we offer:

Transport of natural gas:

    Service contracted by users with a consumption equal to or greater than 30 thousand m3 / day or equivalent to 1.06 MMPCD.

    * In case the user has a lower consumption, you must contract the supply directly with the local distribution company.

Transportation of natural gas liquids:

Modalities of service:

Firm transportation service 

Reservation of daily fixed capacity in the system made by the user.

It is not subject to reduction or interruption, except as stipulated in the corresponding regulations or what is agreed in the respective contract.

The contract is made through a public offering process.

Interruptible transportation service 

       Hiring a certain daily quantity and volume of transported gas, provided there is availability in the system.

       Subject to reductions and interruptions.