Camisea is the most important energy project in the country, consisting of the exploitation, transportation and distribution of natural gas and natural gas liquids of one of the most important reserves in Latin America.

ExploitationResponsible: Producer

The project begins in the area known as Camisea, located in the jungle of the Cusco region. The Producer extracts the hydrocarbons and processes them in its plant of separation in Malvinas. It removes water and impurities, and also separates the natural gas (dry) from the natural gas liquids.
At the end of this process, the Producer delivers the hydrocarbons to TGP.

TransportResponsible: TGP

TgP transports hydrocarbons from the joungle to the coast through a transport system with two pipelines: one of natural gas and another of natural gas liquids.
Our route begins in Cusco, crosses the regions of Ayacucho and Huancavelica to reach the coast.
In Ica and Lima, TgP delivers natural gas to its customers: electric generators, large industrial and distributors.
Likewise in Ica, TgP delivers the natural gas liquids to the Producer in the Lobería fractionation plant, where after being processed they will allow to supply the local LPG market and other fuels.

DistributionResponsible: Distribution companies of Lima and Ica

Once TgP delivers the dry natural gas, the Distributors supply this hydrocarbon to residences, small industries and commerce, offices of vehicular natural gas, among others, through networks of pipelines.