Representatives of the armed and police forces, students of the Center for Higher National Studies visited the TgP facilities in Lurín.
On Thursday, April 27, TgP received the students of the Master's Degree in Development and Defense from the Center for Higher National Studies (CAEN for its acronym in spanish), an academic institution attached to the Ministry of Defense.

More than 40 members of the armed and police forces received a series of presentations on the characteristics and operational challenges of the pipeline transportation system, its strategic importance for the Peruvian State, and the role of public security forces in protecting the Critical infrastructure of TgP and its operations.

The event included tours to the Control Room and the Exhibition Hall, which showed part of the archaeological material rescued during the construction phase of the system.

Towards the end of the visit, the head of CAEN's master's department, General (R) Pedro Buleje Buleje, expressed his gratitude to TgP for his constant support for the training of the students of this prestigious institution.

In this way, TgP opens its doors to raise awareness of the technical, socio-environmental and safety implications of its operations, and continues to strengthen links with key players for the protection of the pipeline transport system, one of the main assets for safety Energy and the country's economy.