Safety is one of our operations main pillars. Therefore we make people aware about the risks of performing works throughout or nearby the Right of Way without TgP’s consent or knowledge.

Natural Gas pipelines are a safe and efficient transport system, given that we supervise, monitor and control the pipeline RoW 24/7 all year long.

Nevertheless there are some existent scenarios that might affect the system’s integrity such as natural disasters or damaged caused by third parties by performing diggings or drilling inside the Right of Way.

The Third Parties Damage Prevention Plan capacitates the nearby communities about how to act and alert TgP before performing any works on the RoW.

In this task, our staff team travels to all the influence area to educate the communities, authorities and service companies to perform works in a coordinated way.

We also communicate and capacitate people about the probable signs in case of leakage or gas escape and we encourage them to alert us in case they witness any emergency scenario by calling  toll-free to the 1801.